Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2. Mental figures: Colgadas Seminar | joachim + michelle

There is different kind of learning strategies - this one is for situations when you are learning mostly alone and just occasionally have a possibility to train with a partner. Therefore the both dancers are working with their own part alone and when the figure is put together we can get a lot progress during one weekly practica.

The next step is to build up a mental representation for every figure. Especially as leader we need to have a clear vision about the steps involved and an idea how the figure is proceeding. It must be fluent, totally fluent!

I have put together three pictures from each figure: The first step - in the middle - the last step
Try to get a clear picture what happens in between for your leader/follower role . . . . .

1. Front cross left

2.Front cross right                                                                                                                                    
3. Sidestep left

4. Back cross right (suggestion)

5. *Side step* left

6. Left sacada into a sidestep right

7. This is a combination of 1 and 3.

When you have extra time or you must wait for something, run through one of the figures in your mind!  How many circles they are spinning?

I will run these figures about 20 mins per day untill I have a clear picture in my head!

Number of steps ok; pivot angles needs some more; connection to follow moves still missing

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1. Selection: Colgadas Seminar | joachim + michelle

The Goal

learn the steps for these beautiful figures
be able to do them big and tiny
to get flow with them

The list of my favorite colgada figures on this video - totally six of them!

                  Hang on and train with me you too!

Spredsheet information  - cklic this link to get the matrix!

Click this line and you should get the view below!

2. In the spreadsheet you opened you can click the video line - the link - which opens the video just a few seconds before the move indicated.

3a. To look the same move again click the reloadbuton at youtube site. It looks like this for chrome. Test the round one!  

3b.  or you can keep the cursor in right time line spot and click it again when you will rewiew it.

4. If you want to check the details in slowmotion use the gear button in youtube - the round one to the left here and at right down corner on the player.

Javier: Preparing for Frostbite 2015

To be prepared to some extent for my class with Javier and Noelia I will check in this video clip for the giros decorated with sacadas!

Direction for the giros, steps, sacada feet, placement and so on . .

Post festival comment:
This preparation was helpful because one of the sacada types Javier and Noelia is using frequntly here was the theme of the course.  With other words we were working on Clock wise giro where the first sacada was in the sidestep and the second on the backstep. We were not allowed to film but you get the idea on this video! Here you find different intros for it too.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pablo: Preparing for Frostbite 2015

I will particiapate in Frostbite this time too!  I have visited them all so far but this time I am again taking lessons too. This time I will come to the lessons prepared! Yes prepared with my follower!

Most of the teachers pick education ideas from their most stable repertoire or from the latest inventions clearly visible in their latest performances. I will watch them to find some steps matching the idea for the lessons I have booked.

Here you have a playlist for some quite new performances!


A:  I am looking for round going movements!
B:  What happens with the free leg?

1.  How many times for  the leader?
2. What happens with the leader?

For the roundgoing movements I started to concentrate on figures in the third video. Have done a notation for 4 of them and tried with my partner. The goal is not to get mature figures, but understand the different mechanisms Pablo uses.
It is hard to get those free leg movements - My main problem here is that after one second I usually have stopped to recognize and just gone in enjoyment mood!  Not good for learning. :(

I have not found any good videos about free leg but will discuss it with my partner tomorrow. For my own balance I will check for some training at Tangotools channel.

Guess what workshops I will participate!  :)

Post festival comment:
Here we had not so much specific help by the videos: We get accustomed to the general way of movement.

The free leg movement was basicly a linear back boleo. The twist here was the counter clock wise turn which made it hard to separate from a circular boleo in same direction.

On the second lesson we tested the turn where the follower kept an open front X position during a turn to be uncoiled in the end of the turn.